about me
call me bambi or zachary. i'm interested in personal space and outer space.

That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!  

The Parent Trap. (1998)

this movie shaped my personality more than any other movie i experienced in the first decade of my life. i love it so deeply i can’t believe how often i think about it in my daily life. what a perfect film.

Hello! I just saw your 'send these to the newspapers if i go missing' and I wanted to say that I find you very attractive, "mouth open" syndrome and all. Wow, hella wow. You are lookin fine. Good day to you.
- lemonylock

what is mouth open syndrome. why would you say that to me.

The fault in our stars.

The fault in our stars.


I have no idea how this works but here are my 6 favourite selfies of 2014 so helloooo

You should post a selfie
- monochromearc


You should pay me. 

hi ur suit selfie got me feelin some type of way like i just wanna take u out to a rly nice dinner and then take you home and sit in the bath with you and drink wine???
- tsundrdre

i hate wine and i’m not forty years old, how about take me to chipotle and we swim in a river and drink whiskey


i wish there was a band that sounded like what dane dehaan looks like

there is and it’s Deafheaven and it’s beautiful


6 selfies ft friends


We should stop measuring in BC and AD and start using BD and AD, meaning Before/After Drake, in relation to the day he released Nothing Was The Same


what? an excuse to post hot selfies?? im already on it

If you did the selfie thing let me know so I can reblog it and if you are going to do it tag me


to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

you’re supposed to tag people in those selfie things right? idc.